Monday, February 7, 2011

New Jupiter MX

Motor which had had to make due doi permotoran world sensation is the first Underbone radiator-cooled engines which use other than that the engine also erect its competitors ... .. follow the first version released NGK use manual clutch option ... just a few years later there are two choices .. what would a distinguished man Automatic?? ...
Although sales declined sempet .. but prestige rose again after its ads starring the maestro .. Valentino Rossi ... a simple ad and funny .. but able to boost sales of motor ... Jupiter MX 135 cc engine which carries the cooling liquid is able mneggoda emang speed freak ... even though recently had a distinguished-looking competitors dikompor2in ama strange and CC was only 125 and could defeat it ... whereas the only manufacturer to create motor sport .. even with the same cc 4 valve .. but ..'ve obviously made this bike more and miss.
So the manufacturer NGK YMKI remain silent ... in the MX change this by adding a rear disc ... changes on the engine, and gear that is already using the system to move the teeth kind of motor sport ... and the shape of the photo tersebuat ane flavor 115 Jupe even similar deh.

we will show the modification yamaha mx black underbone, shipment of a modifier from malang city an apple, but modifications yamaha mx underbone black has nothing to do with apples that exist in the malang city , hehehe. because of modifications on this bike as a whole there is nothing similar to the apples of similar color or shape. because the whole body of yamaha mx black sheen. when I saw the concept in terms of modifications to this underbone black yamaha mx racing sports theme for the race. maybe the owner of this bike races like the wild, hehe joke only goldfish, the shape of the exhaust, rear tail of the motor is already very good in my opinion, but the word of the sender of this motor has not been so total, still needs improvement in terms of modification of said owners. and I say a big thanks to blenky from malang jawa timur, who have sent photos to the editor of our modifications.

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